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Choosing Hope: Shamaine’s Story

STORIES OF SUCCESS Shamaine Photograph and Article by Maggie Lynn For many, family is an incredible blessing in times of struggle. When the family itself is in crisis, the comfort of home can quickly transform into a battlefield. For Shamaine, fighting that battle...

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A Place to Rebuild: Jennifer’s Story

STORIES OF SUCCESS Jennifer Photograph by Maggie Lynn, Article by Andrea Six Motherhood is a balancing act. Keeping everything going, even when things get rough, is just part of the job description. When Mom gets sick, it can be a real challenge for the family to keep...

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Home Safe: Logan’s Story

Homelessness can happen for many different reasons. A victim of domestic violence, with no network of support, can quickly find she’s exchanged one perilous living situation for another. Bravely leaving behind an abusive relationship, Logan knows all too well that the best choice for a family can be the one that leads to a homeless shelter.

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