Caring for Savannah’s Homeless Community since 1936.

Since 1936, Union Mission has been providing vital humanitarian and social services to Savannah’s homeless and special needs communities. Our care programs address shelter, long and short-term housing, healthcare, behavioral counseling, substance abuse, job and lifeskills training and employment assistance.

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Permanent Housing Options for more than 650 People Each Day

We understand that shelter is a basic human need for everyone in our community. At Union Mission, we offer emergency shelter and permanent housing solutions to people in need. In fact, Union Mission offers eight different programs providing a wide range of housing options. Last year, we provided emergency shelter for 581 individuals and permanent housing for 54 chronically homeless people.

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Health and Healing for Our Community

Union Mission's Phoenix Project provides HIV/AIDS Awareness Education throughout the Coastal Empire and offers free and confidential HIV testing to the community. To learn more about our HIV prevention program, and treatment programs for individuals living with HIV/AIDS, please visit our health and healing page. Read More

A Steady Job

No single factor does more to empower the disadvantaged than regular employment. While placement is the ultimate objective of our Employment and Training Center, we focus heavily on preparing our clients to re-enter the workplace, and monitoring their successful performance. To that end, we offer life and work skills training, job interview preparation and employment follow up services.

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First Comes the Belief

Often, the greatest obstacle for individuals and families is the absence of confidence in their ability to realize successful and satisfying lives. Our Center for Counseling provides individualized support from highly trained professionals to instill in them both the will to succeed, and the belief that they can. Caring, confidential attention is the order of the day, and a dramatically improved lifestyle the ultimate outcome. Read More