Michael McCarthy | Board Chair




We live in a fast paced world, often filled with snap decisions and short attention spans. We simply scan headlines and don’t always have the luxury to sit down and reflect. I want to bring to the community’s attention a headline with a compelling backstory.

Union Mission’s new Litter Clean Team program derives from last year’s visit from Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry, who was the keynote speaker at Union Mission’s 2019 Raising Hope event. The Mayor shared the story of his “There’s a Better Way” homeless initiative with a room full of local thought leaders and now the rest is history. It’s a reminder that good things happen when we take time for inspiration.

At Union Mission, we are always looking at innovative ways to address homelessness. It’s a complicated problem and there is no one perfect solution, but rather many small actions that help our community’s homeless in different ways.

With this momentum in hand, Union Mission is excited about the 2020 Raising Hope event with a keynote speaker that, like Richard Berry, will present a template of what other communities are doing successfully. Michelle Norris, who will be featured as this year’s keynote speaker, is the Executive Vice President of External Affairs and Growth Strategies for National Church Residences. National Church Residences is our nations largest provider of affordable senior housing. Whether for seniors or others in need of affordable housing, the issue requires public, government and business sector support.

Union Mission works hard to play an effective role in advocating for the homeless and for effective policy changes that will benefit the homeless and the community. In spirit of advocating change, we will host various receptions in the days leading up to the 2020 Raising Hope event with Michelle Norris for the Mayor, City Manager, Elected County and City officials, community service providers and business leaders to share another story of community success in dealing with the challenging issue of affordable housing and homelessness.

I am blessed and humbled to be the incoming Chair of Union Mission’s Board of Directors in 2020. Union Mission is one of the leaders in the conversation around homelessness and affordable housing in our community. I am proud to represent an organization that is making such an incredible impact here locally.