Michael Traynor | Board Chair




The holidays are an ideal time to take inventory and reflect on our blessings as we look forward to the coming year. As my term for Board Chair comes to a close in December, I am proud of what has been accomplished by the staff and Board of Directors on behalf of our clients and community. Union Mission is a relevant, fast-paced, nimble non-profit that displays leadership in the areas of homelessness and affordable permanent supportive housing. Our stewardship of your investment in Union Mission offers a brighter future for our clients than would otherwise be possible.

For 82 years, the generosity of our donors has kept the light of hope burning for our clients. The support we receive from you provides a safe place to sleep, meals, transportation, mental health services and a helping hand for men and women and children – all of whom have no place to call home.

In 2019, we saw men overcome decades of drug addiction through our supportive services, graduates of our culinary program become gainfully employed and mothers transition from homelessness to home-owner. There is not a secret sauce for the changes shared here but rather talented staff, volunteers, committed Board members and your donations that fuel the resurrection of a life, one client at a time. Your partnership with Union Mission means hundreds of men, women and children have the opportunity to find hope in 2019 and beyond.

As you prepare for the holiday season, I hope there is an opportunity for you to reflect on your blessings and how you can fund blessings for those that you may never meet. Your gift transforms lives (see chart below) including your own life, as you become part of something meaningful to a life less fortunate than yours. Fueled by faith and the desire to make a difference, your gift is a thoughtful legacy.