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Article by Amber Mitchell, Intern


Simply Grateful: Steve’s Story

Steve travelled the states as a carpenter before coming to the Savannah area in 2007, where he began to face challenges with alcohol. His increased drinking eventually led to an incident in which he broke his ankle. Unable to work, and with a cast on his foot and crutches in tow, he became homeless. It was especially difficult being homeless with an injury while being an alcoholic. He could not easily maneuver to organizations offering free-meals, and sometimes went days without food.

“I was probably closer to dying than I care to admit”

After a time, he enrolled and graduated from the Salvation Army’s CSRC program, targeted at addiction. Eventually a friend referred him to Union Mission’s Grace House for further assistance. However, after continuing to drink alcohol and failing a breathalyzer test, he was disenrolled from the 90-day program. Steve was homeless yet again, this time for about 4 months.

Steve later arrived back to Grace House, and is now in the Beyond Grace program. Now sober for 9 months, he says that Union Mission has done so much to change his life, offering housing, mental health counseling, and referring him to receive dental work, among many other things.

“I’m so grateful to be here now”, Steve says.

He believes that having a strong support system, along with the power of prayer, have been key components in his recovery.

His advice to others in similar situations is:

“Breathe in and breathe out just for today, and don’t pick up a drink….it took a long time to lose everything, and it’s gonna take a long time to get it back.”

Steve takes great pride in mentoring newcomers to Grace House, and likes to spread hope and positivity by handing out this quote:

“Never again, will I give up my self-respect, values, spirit, or soul; because of any condition, situation, or misfortune that may come my way. I will stand in the authority that God has ordained for me, as the man and leader of myself and my household. I am the head, and not the tail. I am a Godly man” -Wanda C. Hunter

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