Photo of Steve


Article by Amber Mitchell, Intern


Simply Grateful: Steve’s Story

Steve traveled as a carpenter before coming to Savannah in 2007, where he began to face challenges with alcohol. His increased drinking eventually led to an incident in which he broke his ankle. Unable to work with a cast on his foot and crutches in tow, he became homeless. It was especially difficult as he could not easily maneuver to organizations offering free-meals and sometimes went days without food.

“I was probably closer to dying than I care to admit”

He sought help at the Salvation Army and graduated from their Work Therapy Rehabilitation Program to help with his addiction. This was a short-lived victory as Steve eventually returned to a life of alcoholism and homelessness. He was referred to Union Mission’s Grace House for assistance however he was unable to maintain the sobriety needed to be successful. Steve found himself homeless yet again.

“I definitely hit my bottom…rock bottom. No ID, no job, nowhere to live, broken ankle, living in the park, living with a bunch of other alcoholics, dirty, wearing the same clothes for 2-3 weeks. A real dark spot in my life.”

Steve arrived back to Grace House ready for a change. By partnering with the staff at Grace House, he has been successful in his recovery, becoming sober, obtaining employment, saving money, attending AA, and reconnecting with family. He believes that having a strong support system along with the power of prayer have been key components in his recovery. Union Mission is grateful to partner with individuals like Steve to help end his homelessness through housing and supportive services.

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