Michael Traynor | Board Chair




In my last Chairman’s Column, I referenced the importance of an  organization-even  as established (1937) as Union Mission (UMI) – taking inventory and revisiting the elements of their Mission/Vision/ Strategic Plan. Since there is much wisdom in the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, here is Union Mission’s Strategic Plan presented in a Venn Diagram.

You see  the  intersection  of  “What  UMI is Deeply Passionate About”, “How UMI Utilizes Its Resource Engine” and “Where UMI Is Best in Class”. Union Mission is an aspirational organization focused on how to be Great, not just Good. However, a key component of Great, is to remain focused with piercing clarity on how to produce the best long term results for the Savannah Community, while concurrently exercising discipline/restraint in not dabbling in areas not a core competency.

In summary, UMI’s Mission/Vision is to provide a hand up to clients with the epiphany and desire to PARTNER with us in our 90 Day Program of  housing and supportive services. The Resource Engine that fuels  success  is  UMI’s  ability to attract the right people (5 Cs)  as employees who then enhance our culture/reputation/brand/leadership thus generating emotional goodwill in the Savannah Community. If Union Mission can concurrently maintain a sustainable business model via managing expenses/ generating revenue, our sustained cash flow will allow us to have substantial impact, even a GREAT IMPACT in Savannah while helping so many.