Michael Traynor | Board Chair




It is healthy for an organization, regardless of how established, to take a step back, pause, and take inventory of its mission, vision, values and community impact.

Union Mission, its staff and board, did just that in 2018. Out of this thoughtful reflection was revealed a new line of sight. The Strategic Planning Committee of Union Mission is a compilation of Board, Staff and Community Leaders. The Committee was chaired by Pat Monahan (Governomics) and included Pat Youngquist (Executive Director), Mark Toth (Director Strategy & Development), Josua Rine (Director of Operations), Gaye Reese (United Community Bank), Terry Enoch (SCCPSS), and Philip Solomons (Past UMI Chair/Community Volunteer).

At the heart of this committee’s conversation was the overly pragmatic nature of the previous mission “To Prevent and End Homelessness”. Is this achievable? Was there a more effective way to frame and communicate Union Mission’s “Sweet Spot”? The answer was yes and this led to Union Mission’s new Mission, Vision and Values Statements.


MISSION: Partnering with people to end their homelessness through housing and supportive services.

VISION: To be the partner of choice to those seeking to move from homelessness to stable housing.

VALUES: Encouraging faith and restoring hope through a caring and compassionate partnership where people can thrive and lives can be rebuilt.


Union Mission utilizes temporary, transitional and permanent supportive housing as the portal from which we deliver a robust blend of client centric supportive services. Our work is conducted when the homeless determine it is time to change their life. When they determine they need a partner to move from homelessness to stable housing, Union Mission is there as that partner. We will do so in a fashion consistent with our values.

Union Mission is about a hand up, not a hand out, the client “Epiphany” is critically important to our Mission and their success. It begins with a 90 day program that leads the homeless to employment, stable housing and a hopeful future.