Pat Youngquist | Interim Executive Director



Each year, hundreds of men, women, and children come to Union Mission looking for a beacon to light their way to a new life. Here they find safe beds, hot food, and the help they need to rebuild their lives. Many of them tell us that we are the first place that truly gave them a hand up out of homelessness and into a better tomorrow.

I’m so humbled when I hear these men and women express their gratitude for the helping hand they received at Union Mission. Their thanks, and ours, belong to you. Your continued support for Union Mission makes it possible for us to keep that light of hope burning for those working to leave homelessness behind.

Your gift to Union Mission builds a brighter future for so many, right here in our community. In the first six months of this year, 120 people have left homelessness behind for safe, stable housing, thanks to the help they found at Union Mission. Those are 120 lives, touched by your generosity. The support of donors, volunteers, and community partners makes change possible here at Union Mission and we are grateful for your investment in the work of ending homelessness in our community.

Thank you for being a bright light of hope and allowing Union Mission to serve those working to end their homelessness for good.