Pat Youngquist | Interim Executive Director



Thank you to everyone who helped make Raising Hope such a successful event in April. Your generosity provided of $100,000 of support to Union Mission.

When we talk about Raising Hope, we are talking about something that is at the core of what we do. We provide hope for those who are feeling hopeless. Homelessness and hopeless can be synonymous. Hope is something that can be hard to find on the streets. Mental illness, domestic abuse, family tragedy, job loss, and the struggles of addiction can sap hope from even the strongest hearts.

Your investment in Union Mission means we can provide hope in tangible ways. In 2016, your gifts helped to provide 28,103 nights of shelter to 474 men, women, and children. It helped provide 84,309 meals. And it helped 326 people find jobs – 94% of those jobs were above minimum wage.

By providing these services to people in need, we are providing hope and a message that our community cares. Your support of Union Mission translates into job placement, workforce development training through our Culinary Arts Program, and community-based mental health care for those with nowhere else to turn. Your help is work to address the underlying causes of homelessness in our community.

Thank you for sharing help and hope with those most in need through your support of Union Mission.