Photograph by Maggie Lynn, Article by Andrea Six

Motherhood is a balancing act. Keeping everything going, even when things get rough, is just part of the job description. When Mom gets sick, it can be a real challenge for the family to keep that balance. When the illness is prolonged and Mom is sick for months, that balance can disappear completely, along with the family’s stability. That’s what happened to Jennifer and her two children. 

“Once I become ill, it takes about nine months for me to fully recover,” she explained.

She’d faced similar challenges in the past but this time was much worse. Despite her illness, she wanted to ensure her children had what they needed.

“Having children and being homeless is more overwhelming. It’s more stressful because, as a mother, you want to protect your kids. You want their feelings to be protected, you don’t want them to be so concerned about what’s going on. You don’t want them to try and mature too quickly,” Jennifer said.

She turned to her family for a helping hand but that only led to more instability and, eventually, Jennifer and her kids were back on the street. With her support system gone, Jennifer knew she needed more than just a shelter. Looking for real help to rebuild her life, she found Union Mission’s Magdalene House.


Living at the Magdalene House with other single mothers helped Jennifer provide her kids with some stability – a safe place to rest, recharge, and rebuild. It also showed her that change was possible. With Union Mission’s help, Jennifer has not just found a place to stay, but a program dedicated to providing her the help she needs to take those next steps.

“I think the most positive thing is that you have someone there working with you that’s able to obtain resources along with you. Right now I am working on getting a job. I’m actually working on three things: one is a job, the second is a place of my own, and also insurance for myself and my children,” Jennifer said.

Union Mission exists to help mothers just like Jennifer rebuild their lives and leave their homelessness behind. Your support means hope for a better tomorrow for homeless mothers and children. Thank you for sharing hope and help in our community!