Home Safe: Logan’s Story

Home Safe: Logan’s Story

Logan and her children

Photograph by Maggie Lynn


Home Safe: Logan’s Story

Homelessness can happen for many different reasons. A victim of domestic violence, with no network of support, can quickly find she’s exchanged one perilous living situation for another. Bravely leaving behind an abusive relationship, Logan knows all too well that the best choice for a family can be the one that leads to a homeless shelter.

After finding help at Magdalene Project, she also knows that having support can make a big difference. The support she received from Union Mission gave her the tools to rebuild her life.

“Having grown up in foster care, I don’t have any family or anything like it,” Logan said. “So that was the reason I stayed so long … not having that support system.”

With no support and nowhere to turn, she knew she needed tools to leave homelessness behind and move her family into safe, stable housing.  Union Mission’s emergency shelter for women, Magdalene Project, gave her those tools.

“It was important because I needed time to get back on my feet,” Logan said. “Magdalene Project gave us a safe place to live where I could care for my children while I got back to work.”

Being homeless with children is a difficult situation but trying to overcome homelessness while parenting a child with special needs an be overwhelming. Logan has two children – a son who is 8 years old and a daughter who is 14 years old and has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Magdalene Project provided Logan with the ability to take of her children and meet their needs.

“It promotes family. It keeps women with their children,” Logan said.”I needed help – help I couldn’t get anywhere else – in order to be successful and to provide.”

Union Mission gave Logan the ability to keep her family together while she found work and a new home for them to call their own. Thanks to those who continue to support Union Mission, families like Logan’s will find the support they need to rebuild their lives.