Pat Youngquist | Executive Director



Each year, hundreds of men, women, and children come to Union Mission looking for a beacon to light their way to a new life. Here they find safe beds, hot food, and the help they need to rebuild their lives. Many of them tell us that we are the first place that truly gave them a hand up out of homelessness and into a better tomorrow.

Thanks to your generosity, Union Mission has been able to offer hope to people in need for 81 years.

We have grown significantly from our opening in 1937. Reverend George Akins, the founder of Union Mission, would not be able to fathom the expansion of his soup kitchen. Today, Union Mission provides emergency shelter, permanent supportive housing, behavioral health services, support for people living with HIV/AIDS, and employment and educational services.

Our programs allow for individuals and families to access tools that are essential to lifting themselves out of homelessness and toward a better tomorrow.

The services we provide empower the people in our community with hope for a better future; a future that includes happinesses and success.

We instill hope that one day they will be able to utilize the skills they learn in our Culinary Arts Training Program in a brilliant future career. We inspire hope that one day they will be able to give back to their community just as you gave to them.

Thank you for gifting us the opportunity to provide hope to those who at times have felt so hopeless.