Back to School: Lend a Helping Hand

Kayla Butsko, Development Intern

15 July 2016

With fall semester’s college classes soon to begin again, my peers and I have started the frenzy of back to school shopping. I have a huge list of “need to gets” including textbooks, school supplies, sweaters, new sneaks, a camelback, a cute tote, etc. As we all start making our back to school purchases, it is hard to think that many children don’t have access to the same essential school supplies and materials that most families do.

Basic school supplies, like pencils, notebooks, binders, paper, and also uniforms are all crucial to academic achievement in school. However for homeless families, other immediate physical needs like food and housing are prioritized, and these needs outweigh the need for school supplies. It was not until this summer working with Union Mission that I had given much thought to this issue.

Interested in lending a helping hand?

These items will help homeless and at-risk children start the school year on the road to success.

Schools offer a stable place for homeless children whose families often live transiently. The school-aged years are critical to a child’s social, mental and emotional development. Helping students succeed in school prepares them to succeed in their adult lives. According to the Institute for Children and Poverty, homeless children are nine times more likely to repeat a grade and four times more likely to drop out of school, proving that there is an immense need for helping them succeed.

Union Mission is grateful for our ongoing partnership with Macy’s and their generous support of families that are experiencing homelessness. On July 30th, Union Mission will be at Macy’s Oglethorpe location to support their back to school drive. When shopping the sales on uniforms and school supplies, pick up extra items with homeless children in mind.

Although seemingly small, the impact of giving even a few back to school items is huge, and makes a positive difference in the life of a child.


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